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    CHIP Wellness/Weight Loss

    Challenge 2017

    Spring into Health and Join a Wellness/Weight Loss/Walking Challenge!

    Residents from towns/cities in Bergen County are invited to join the Fourth Annual Wellness Challenge which will kick start the Spring season.


    The Challenge is sponsored by our Nutrition and Physical Activity Task Force and local health officers. The Challenges align with the Mayors Wellness Campaigns and offer free and reduced-cost fitness and wellness education opportunities that support positive changes in diet, exercise, and overall health. 


    Download Flyer

    Embody Love Movement

    Facilitator Training

    July 28-30, 2017


    This training provides facilitators with the ability to inspire girls and women who participate in our programs to:

    • Value who they are internally over their external appearance 
    • Be empowered to change the conversation from criticism to kindness 
    • Stop comparing themselves to a false idea of beauty and to others 
    •  Find inspiration to embrace their purpose in the world 


    The training is a 15-hour weekend certification for self-empowered women who feel inspired to provide Embody Love Movement® workshops in their communities.



    Info at- www.embodylovemovement.org/programs/facilitator-training/

    Glen Rock's New Sunday Farmers Market Launches This June

    Sunday from June 4 to October 15

    10 am - 2 pm

    Healthy, responsibly grown and locally-sourced farm-fresh ingredients are coming to Glen Rock in June with the launch of Bergen County's newest farmers market.


    The market will be held in the Borough Hall Employee Parking Lot and the adjoining lawn off of Rock Road, rain or shine, from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., every Sunday from June 4 to October 15. The #175 Bus stops at the market and the Boro Hall Glen Rock train line is located across the street.


    Vendors are currently being announced on the Glen Rock Farmers Market Facebook page. A full list of vendors and events is coming soon on www.GRFarmersMarket.com Be sure to bring your friends and family to our Opening Day Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on June 4th at 11 a.m.

    2016 Community Health Needs Assessment

    The latest Community Health Needs Assessment is now available!

    The Community Health Needs Assessment is a systematic, data-driven approach to determining the health status, behaviors and needs of residents in Bergen County. Subsequently, this information may be used to inform decisions and guide efforts to improve community health and wellness.


    A Community Health Needs Assessment provides information so that communities may identify issues of greatest concern and decide to commit resources to those areas, thereby making the greatest possible impact on community health status.

    Congratulations to

    East Rutherford Library

    2017 CHIP National Nutrition Month Challenge Winner!

    The Community Health Improvement Partnership [CHIP] of Bergen County,

    the Bergen County Department of Health Services,

    and Inserra ShopRite congratulate this year's winner!


    Check out photos and flyers from their events:

    Free or Reduced Cost Health Care and Services

    The CHIP has compiled a comprehensive listing of free or reduced cost health care services available through a variety of organizations and providers throughout Bergen County. Categories of care/service include: Medical, Dental & Pharmacy Services, Food Banks/Food Pantries, Mental Health & Substance, Abuse Assistance, Homeless Services, Medical Insurance.


    Click here to access the listing »


    *Please always check with providers concerning available services and eligibility prior to your visit. The CHIP does not endorse the organizations and providers listed and is not responsible for inaccurate information.


    Health Insurance for Bergen County Residents

    The Health Insurance Marketplace:

    Visit Healthcare.gov or call 1-800-318-2596


    NJ Familycare

    Income and eligibility guidelines can be accessed at

    www.njfamilycare.org or by calling (800) 701-0710.


    The North Hudson Community Action Corporation runs two centers in Bergen County where you can get further information and/or or enroll for health care. These clinics are in Hackensack, Englewood and Garfield. For additional information, visit www.nhcac.org/nhcacsites.html 

    Save The Date:


    The Road to Community Wellness:

    Integration in Action


    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2017

    8:00 A.M.—2:30 P.M.





  • CHIP Wellness/Weight Loss Challenge 2017

    Spring into Health and Join the Challenge!


  • Wellness for Bergen County Initiative

    Wellness connects all aspects of health. The Wellness for Bergen County Initiative, sponsored by the Bergen County Department of Health Services and the Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) of Bergen County, pledges to promote whole-body wellness for all the people who live, work, or attend school in Bergen County.


    Slide right to explore the 8 Dimensions of Wellness >>



    8 Dimensions of Wellness: 


    Visiting a healthcare provider regularly ● Exercising and eating healthy ● Avoiding cigarettes and substance abuse ● Getting the appropriate amount of sleep ● Making time for relaxation

    8 Dimensions of Wellness:


    Being aware of feelings ● Coping with stress ● Building resilience and healthy decision making ● Expressing feelings through support systems

    8 Dimensions of Wellness:


    Being open to expanding intellect and skills 

    ● Embracing ideas and creativity 

    8 Dimensions of Wellness:


    Occupying safe, healthy and stimulating environments that support well-being ● Fostering a community that is inclusive of all people and appreciates diversity 

    8 Dimensions of Wellness:


    Gaining personal enjoyment and enrichment through work (paid or unpaid, volunteering or school)

    8 Dimensions of Wellness:


    Having satisfaction with current and future financial situations 

    8 Dimensions of Wellness:


    Exploring greater purpose and meaning in life ● Being excited about opportunities the future holds

    8 Dimensions of Wellness:


    Developing satisfying and supportive relationships with friends, family and community members ● Participating in social and recreational activities


    Free Exercise & Nutrition Programs in the County

  • Task Forces

    Mental Health and Substance Abuse Task Force

    & Nutrition and Physical Activity Task Force

    Mental Health and Substance Abuse Task Force

    Bergen County is Proud to be Stigma-Free

    Nutrition and Physical Activity Task Force

    Let's Move!

  • The CHIP Report

    Bergen County Community Health Needs Assessment & Improvement Plan

  • Co-Sponsors

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    Bergen County Public Health Partnership

    Bergen County Health Officers' Society


    The Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) of Bergen County currently consists of four task forces with volunteers from over 50 community organizations, businesses, schools, hospitals and private citizens, all interested in creating a healthier Bergen County. CHIP members develop, implement and promote initiatives to improve the health and lives of people who live, work, or attend school in Bergen County.

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